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Hello there, food lovers! I'm Sevani, the face behind Born to Be Spicy. My husband and I started this blog in 2021, and I'm sure just the year will explain why I started this. I was a cabin crew for Qatar Airways by profession and enjoyed traveling the world and trying different kinds of food; then, 2020 happened. 

We had a lot going on in our lives back then. Or at least, it was about to happen, and all that came to a halt with the pandemic. My husband and I got married in July 2018. We were working on my US permanent residency to move to the USA and live the "happily ever after" life with him! My interview was scheduled for June 2020, which suddenly changed due to countries going into lockdown!

It felt as if my whole life had come to a pause. But I did not want to let this pandemic get in the way of us and decided to take a break from work and move to the USA to spend the lockdown time with my husband. It was all flowers and rainbows! I was having a good time being employed AND on vacation! I moved to the USA in March 2020, and on February 2021, I received the golden call (as I like to call it) to discuss my employment status with Qatar Airways. Many people's employment got affected by the pandemic, and so did mine. Understandably, I panicked at the thought of being unemployed in a foreign country. My US residency was still pending at this point, which meant that I was not eligible to apply for any jobs either! I did not know how to go without having a job. It was a disappointing time for my husband and I as we were trying to navigate through all of it. That's when I decided to start a blog on something that I'm passionate about - Food! More specifically, Spicy Food!

I wasn't a great cook, but only a great eater until 2020 happened! Suddenly I had so much time in my hands, and naturally, I was drawn towards cooking. My Husband and I being Sri Lankans, often crave spicy food. I got great advice from my parents and in-laws to improve my cooking skills. 

I suddenly started receiving compliments about my cooking from friends, family, and mostly from my husband! I've been encouraged by many to get into the food business (which is quite difficult with the current situation). But what seemed like an excellent way to start was by introducing my own food blog. Born to be Spicy food blog is my start in the journey of sharing these wonderful recipes (that are a fusion of old family recipes with my own twist!) with the world. 

Sri Lankan food is one of the spiciest foods in the world. It is also known for its vivid array of flavor combinations. You will find most of my recipes to be quite spicy and may need to be adjusted according to your spice level. I guarantee that it will still taste good due to how flavorful these dishes are! 

All my recipes are created with so much love! for cooking and food! 

They've been tested by my loved ones, and I'm only sharing the ones approved by them! We always try to be as healthy as we can be, but I want to emphasize that the focus is on flavorful spicy food on this page. So, healthy eating may sometimes be a tiny bit sacrificed on certain recipes! But flavorfulness is NEVER sacrificed, and I guarantee that these recipes taste great! 


I will continue to create my own recipes that taste good for not only Sri Lankan taste buds but a variety of other cuisines. So, follow me on all the social media networks for quick, easy, and tasty recipes to impress your loved ones!

Sevani P

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